Home Renovation – Nursery

Our Home Renovation 2.0 – Nursery Reveal Welcome to the nursery! It’s a funny thing how life changes can change, well just about everything! When we bought this house a year and a half ago, we definitely had babies on the brain, but we surely didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. Between nursing sessions,…

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Home Renovation – Dining Room

Our Home Renovation – Dining Room Reveal A few weeks ago, we opened our doors up to show you our first completed (almost!) room. If you missed it, you can check out our formal living room aka “the music room” here. Today we will continue our tour into our mostly complete dining room. With Cecilia…

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Renovation – Living Room

Our Home Renovation 2.0 – Formal Living Room Reveal It has been awhile since we shared any updates on our home renovation. Although things have significantly slowed down around here (at least when it comes to manual labor), I thought it might be nice to share a few room reveals. We are not completely finished…

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Our Home Renovation

Removing Laminate Countertops

Removing Laminate Countertops Our closing date on the old house (which we are still living in) is approaching quickly and we are not even close to having the new house ready for move in.  Only working on the weekends really slows things down, but maybe once we are living in the construction zone we will…

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How to Remove Wallpaper

Remove Wallpaper

There are few home renovation projects discussed with as much distaste as removing wallpaper.  If you have ever tackled this task or know someone who did, it appears that this may be one of the most hated jobs for the DIY home improver.  I had never had the need to remove wallpaper before making the…

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Remove Old Carpet

Remove Old Carpet 1

How to Remove Old Carpet in Your House Step by Step Guide for Taking Up and Disposing of Old Carpet Hey y’all!  We are several weeks in now on our home renovation 2.0 and our house is looking more like a construction site than a home these days.  Luckily, we aren’t living in it yet.  After…

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Take Down Ceilings

Popcorn Ceilings

How to Take Down Popcorn Ceilings Step by Step Guide for Taking Down Popcorn Ceilings If you purchased a house built during the 80’s or early 90’s, then you most likely are the recipient of a once popular textured ceiling commonly referred to as a popcorn ceiling. Whether personal preference or simply not wanting to…

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