DIY Charlie Brown Christmas Sweater: Add Some Fun to Your Holiday Wardrobe

As the holiday party season draws to a close, many revelers are turning to the latest craze: tacky Christmas sweater parties. These festive gatherings offer a fun way to bring friends together and show off those truly horrible sweaters that we all seem to have in our closets. At these parties, the uglier the sweater, the better, and it’s not uncommon to see guests dressed up in Santa suits or other outlandish holiday-themed attire.

As for me, I recently attended a friend’s tacky Christmas sweater party and had a blast. However, I made the mistake of assuming it would be easy to find a suitable sweater at the last minute, only to discover that the department stores and thrift shops in my area had already been picked over. So, I turned to Plan B: scouring the internet for the perfect sweater.

After some searching, I came across a friend who lives a few states away and has a talent for making the best tacky Christmas sweaters around. Her creations are so awesome that it feels wrong to even call them “tacky” or “ugly.” Unfortunately, by the time I decided to order one, it was iffy whether it would arrive in time for the party. With the mail system being extra brutal this year, I ultimately had to cancel my order and start making my own sweater(s).

Normally, making a tacky Christmas sweater would be a fun DIY project for me, but with a 3-month-old at home, it proved to be much more difficult. After a failed attempt to find an already-made sweater at local stores, I finally resorted to buying materials and making one (or two, technically) myself.

So, if you find yourself in need of a tacky Christmas sweater at the last minute, don’t assume it will be easy to find one. Be prepared to get creative and make your own or turn to a talented friend for help. Whatever you do, just remember to embrace the tackiness and have fun!

How to create your own Charlie Brown Christmas Sweater with lights: Two fun and easy styles to try

Looking to make your own light up Charlie Brown Christmas sweater? You’ve come to the right place! With just a few materials and some basic crafting skills, you can create a festive and fun sweater that’s perfect for any tacky holiday party. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to make two different styles of light up Charlie Brown sweaters: one with a classic design, and one with a more modern twist. Let’s get started!


  • Plain red or green sweater
  • Brown felt or fabric
  • Black felt or fabric
  • White felt or fabric
  • Fabric glue or hot glue gun
  • Needle and thread
  • Battery-operated string lights (with at least 20 LED bulbs)
  • Battery pack
  • Wire cutters
  • Clear tape


  1. Cut out the Charlie Brown design
  • Using the brown felt or fabric, cut out a zigzag pattern that runs across the chest of the sweater. This will be the main design element of your sweater.
  • Cut out small circles from the black felt or fabric for the eyes, and a larger circle for the mouth.
  • Cut out a small white oval for the nose.
  1. Attach the Charlie Brown design to the sweater
  • Using fabric glue or a hot glue gun, attach the brown zigzag pattern to the chest of the sweater.
  • Use the same glue to attach the black circles for the eyes and mouth, and the white oval for the nose.
  1. Add the lights
  • Starting at the bottom of the sweater, use the clear tape to attach the string of lights to the sweater. Make sure the battery pack is at the bottom of the sweater and easily accessible.
  • Wrap the lights around the sweater in a zigzag pattern to match the Charlie Brown design. Use the wire cutters to trim any excess lights.
  • Using a needle and thread, sew the battery pack onto the sweater, making sure it’s secure and won’t fall off.
  1. Turn on the lights and enjoy!

Classic Style: For a classic style sweater, simply follow the above steps and use a plain red sweater as your base. You can also add additional felt or fabric embellishments, such as a small Christmas tree or snowflakes, to give your sweater a more festive look.

Modern Twist: For a more modern twist on the Charlie Brown sweater, use a plain green sweater as your base and add additional elements to the design. For example, you can cut out a felt or fabric Christmas tree and attach it to the sweater, then wrap the lights around the tree to make it light up. You can also add a felt or fabric Snoopy to the sweater for an extra festive touch.

With these simple steps, you can create your own light up Charlie Brown Christmas sweater in two different styles. Just be sure to embrace the tackiness and have fun with it!