Hey y’all!  I’m Nicole, wife, mother, animal lover, and sewing enthusiast.  I love to cook, sew, craft and DIY.   I take everyday children’s patterns and transform them into boutique worthy clothing.  With step by step picture tutorials and a detailed shopping list, you can create these same designs at home for a fraction of what it would cost to buy.  When I’m not making dresses for my daughter Cecilia, you can find me listening to old records with my husband or pretending to be the barefoot contessa in the kitchen.

Sweet Tea Proper is a place where together we can learn, grow, inspire and empower each other to pick up a needle and thread to create something magnificent!

Where does the name Sweet Tea Proper come from?

The question of which states are considered a part of the South has been heavily debated for years.  While many state that it is those states which are below the Mason Dixon line, a gentleman once informed me that this was incorrect.  You know that you are in the South when you can get a glass of sweet tea proper.

Sweet Tea Proper began as a place to celebrate the beauty and charm of southern living.  Filled with everything from gardening and cooking to crafting and home renovations, it became a big melting pot of information.  Today, Sweet Tea Proper has shifted it’s focus to all things sewing with an emphasis on children’s apparel.  While our newer posts are all about sewing, you can find our most popular older posts on our Notions page.

New to sewing?

Whether it is your first time turning on a sewing machine or you need to brush up on a little Sewing 101, check out our Sewing Basics page where you can find easy-to-follow guides on everything a beginning sewer needs to know.

I’d love to hear from you!  Do you have any suggestions to make our site better?  Have you completed one of our tutorials and want to showcase your completed project?  Fill out the form on our Contact page or Email me!