Greetings everyone! My name is Mag, and I'm a wife, mother, sewing enthusiast. With a passion for cooking, sewing, crafting, and DIY, I take ordinary children's patterns and elevate them into boutique-quality clothing, sharing step-by-step tutorials and comprehensive shopping lists for others to create the same designs at home for a fraction of the cost. When I'm not busy sewing dresses for my daughter, Cecilia, I enjoy listening to vintage records with my husband or channeling my inner Barefoot Contessa in the kitchen.

At Sweet Tea Proper, we provide a supportive environment where individuals can acquire knowledge, develop their skills, ignite their creativity, and empower themselves to create extraordinary items using a simple needle and thread.

About Sweet Tea Proper

Initially, Sweet Tea Proper was established as a platform to glorify and embrace the splendor and allure of Southern living. Boasting a vast assortment of topics ranging from gardening, cooking, crafting, and home renovations, the website emerged as a veritable cornucopia of information. Nowadays, Sweet Tea Proper centers its focus on all things sewing, placing a particular emphasis on children's apparel. Though our latest posts primarily pertain to sewing, visitors may access our most popular older articles through our Notions page.

New to sewing?

No matter if you are a novice sewist switching on a sewing machine for the first time or require a refresher on Sewing 101, we recommend visiting our Sewing Basics page. There, you will discover user-friendly resources that cover all aspects of the craft, catering to beginning sewists.

We welcome any feedback that can help us enhance the website. If you wish to suggest any improvements or display a completed project following one of our tutorials, please complete the form on our Contact page or reach out via email.