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Here you will find all of the sewing tutorials and projects that have been posted on Sweet Tea Proper.

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While the focus of Sweet Tea Proper has shifted to all things sewing, here you can find all of your old favorites in one easy-to-find spot!

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Goat Milk vs Cow’s Milk: Which Should You Choose?

February 26, 2021

Goat Milk vs Cow’s Milk: Which Should You Choose? If you’re someone who’s loved a cold glass of milk with your meals, ever since you were a child and your parents would always tell you that you needed to drink your milk to have strong bones, then you may still be incorporating cow’s milk into…

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How To Take Probiotics

February 26, 2021

How To Take Probiotics One of the most common questions we get is about how to take probiotics – when to do it, what to do it with if you should eat if you should drink a certain amount if you should take multiple probiotics together – just about any question that you can imagine.…

The Benefits Of Infrared Sauna Therapy – How To Lose Weight Without Exercise

February 26, 2021

The Benefits Of Infrared Sauna Therapy – How To Lose Weight Without Exercise Looking for an alternative method to weight loss? Many people, for a variety of reasons, are interested in learning how to lose weight without exercise. Perhaps they are injured and can’t keep up with their gym sessions. Or, maybe they just don’t…

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